Welcome to the talech gift cards shop
Welcome to the talech gift cards shop
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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cards to you print?  

All types.  Standard PVC cards are the most common however if you're looking to do something unique, we have a wide range of options: clear/frosted cards, key tags, metallic, die cut (for custom shapes), embossing and more.  Time to be creative! 

How do I order envelopes for my gift cards?

When ordering your cards, add the number of envelopes you wish to have and we'll add them to your order. 

What is the maximum number of cards I can order?

No limit.  Please call us for special pricing discounts.  

What is the minimum number of cards I can order?

100.  If you are looking for a fewer cards, give us a call for special orders.  We are also happy to send you a sample pack as well.  

What is the difference between a barcode and a magnetic stripe?

Magnetic Stripes are used when businesses want to swipe a business gift card or they need to use a credit card processing system to process their custom gift cards. Magnetic stripes gift cards should be printed with human readable numbers in case the magnetic stripe is accidentally damaged or demagnetized.

You will need to have a magnetic card swiper for your talech POS.  Not all devices support this feature so if you have any questions regarding what devices are supported, please reach out to talech Support at 888.995.1998.  

Barcodes are a machine-readable optical labels added to gift cards to make them scannable by POS systems. The specific type of barcode used on custom plastic gift cards is typically determined by a business' existing POS system. Barcodes are either one-dimensional or two-dimensional (QR code) and must be printed black over white to work properly.   

If you choose barcodes for the back of your cards, please ensure you have a compatible scanner (Socket Mobile), especially if you choose to use QR codes. Most scanners do not support QR codes and you will need to ensure your scanner reads the barcodes type you select before ordering.  If you have any questions, please reach out to talech Support at 888.995.1998.  

Gift card number requirements

You may choose to define a structure for your gift card numbers.  If so, please note:

  • card numbers are 12-digits long and have a 4-digit PIN. When encoding on magstrip or generating barcode, include all 16 digits
  • card numbers must be unique across all stores sharing the same master owner (single store or multi-store accounts)

Can I pre-define a balance on a card?

Yes. If you wish to predetermine the balance on a gift card (say $10 because you are printing $10 on the card), you can set up the card to only be activated with the specified amount.

Can I allow my card to be reloaded? 

Yes.  talech Gift Cards support three types: 

  • Fixed: value on the card is set and once depleted, card cannot be reused.
  • Reloadable: customer can add value to a card
  • Hybrid: card can be used as reloadable gift card and loyalty card

Do you support promotional gift cards?

Yes. Promotional gift cards are different than standard gift cards because the value on them are "given" away, and therefore have different tax regulations regarding their use.  If you are interested in promotional cards, please let us know.  

Do you support gift card expiration dates? 

Yes, however it the responsibility of the merchant to administer the expiration date policy in accordance to state and federal law. Expiration dates are available on both standard and promotional gift card types.  

Can a customer register their card in case it is lost or stolen?